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For Love, Paperback
The Journey of Your Life with the Lover of Your Soul

By Wendy Bowen


The Song of Songs is Scripture’s most poignant expression of the passionate love of Jesus for us as His beloved Bride. Its poetic style is rich with metaphors and enflamed with imagery that challenges readers to deeper levels of devotion.

This book brings the Song of Songs to life in a way that is relevant to anyone who is on a quest to know the depths of the love of God. It supplies a side-by-side exposition of the Song of Songs that breaks through the walls of intellect in order to reach into the heart. The Biblical text is explained in its original context alongside its allegorical meaning for us as we walk with Jesus on our own journey of love. 

You will be moved by the affectionate words of our Bridegroom-King and will be encouraged to persevere even through the darkest times. You will gain clarity about the various stages of spiritual life and the ways that our Beloved draws us into the fullness of His love.


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For Love, Paperback


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