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Contribute to Our Work

God loves a cheerful giver.  - 2 Corinthians 9:7

We operate entirely by faith for the glory of God. We are completely dependent on God moving in the hearts of generous people like you to contribute to our work. We welcome you to share in our service for God's Kingdom through your financial support of Manifest International, LLC. Together, we live to Manifest our King and make disciples of all nations!


To Our Work

We are so thankful for the generosity of those who contribute to what God is doing through our work for His Kingdom all over the world. We know God will bless you for blessing us, both now and in eternity.


Monthly contributions help to ensure that our work continues to reach more people in more places with the truth of the Gospel. Any amount given on a regular basis, large or small, truly makes a difference.


If you desire to designate your contribution to one of our specific impact outreaches, you may do so through planning center using the button below. We will honor your request as much as possible.

Questions? Contact:


Scroll down to learn more about our Approach to Finances.

Deposits, Wires & Checks by Mail

Make Check Payable to: Manifest International, LLC

Mail Check to: P.O. Box 11304, Charlotte, NC 28220

Airline Miles/Points

More Ways to Share in Our Work

We are so thankful for God guiding and providing for us all these years. Our strategy is to continue seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness for His glory! You can participate with us and share in our work in these practical ways:

Pray for Us

Volunteer to participate on our team of intercessors. You will receive prayer updates from us with basic prayer points pertaining to Manifest International and how God is guiding us.

Invite Us to Speak

Invite us to speak to your church, group, or conference. We are equipped to minister in many different styles, to various types of groups, and on various subjects that all point to Jesus. 

  • Preaching the Word of God (free flow preaching by the Holy Spirit)

  • Bible Teaching (on specific topics, as led by the Lord)

  • Living by Faith (living daily by the indwelling Holy Spirit)

  • First to the Jew (God's plan for the Jewish people)

  • Recovering Type A (events, retreats, etc.)

  • Evangelism meetings (to the unsaved)

  • Inquire about your group or conference's specific needs or focus topic

Our Approach to Finances

Our approach to finances is simple. We live by faith and rely entirely upon God’s provision for everything we do. Our appeal is to heaven as we put into practice the words of Jesus to seek His Kingdom and righteousness and to receive and give freely. We have no plan B. Our God is faithful.

We are totally dependent on God moving in the hearts of His people to contribute to our work. We believe that voluntary freewill offerings according to God stirring people’s hearts is the Biblical approach to building God’s house. (1) Therefore, to keep our preaching and teaching pure and uncompromised, we do not make solicitations for finances or conduct fundraisers for support. This said, we do seek to make it easy for people to contribute to our work, and we will gladly receive your contribution to our work for the glory of God.

Please note: Manifest International, LLC is not a non-profit/501(c)3 organization. We believe the Lord has led us this way in order to give us enhanced freedom to obey His guidance in these end times. This allows us to expand, shift, apportion, and steward our finances however God leads us while maintaining our freedom of speech and the rights of a private enterprise. We gladly pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s and consider it a small expense for the privilege of staying faithful to God. Likewise, we are confident that God will bless you for blessing us far beyond the benefit of a charitable tax deduction. (2)

Our priority is God’s Kingdom and obedience to His voice. We invite you to partner with us as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build up the Church for the glory of God.


We live to manifest our King!

(1)  See Acts 4:32; Exodus 35; 1Chronicles 29   (2)  See Philippians 4:19; 3John 1:8

Approach to Finances
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