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Confessions of a Recovering Type A, Paperback
An Invitation for Control-freaks, Perfectionists, Workaholics, and Over-Achievers

By Wendy Bowen


Type A individuals can be described as excessively time-conscious, highly competitive, over ambitious, business-like, tense, impatient, incapable of relaxation and are often described as “stress junkies.”


Wendy Bowen was arguably the worst Type A of all until she realized that her soul had gone bankrupt. But then, she was led unexpectedly to fulfillment and purpose as she surrendered her Type A ways and stepped into God’s purpose for her life.

In Confessions of a Recovering Type A, she unravels the symptoms and true causes of most Type A ways, while debunking self-help and spitting out “Spirituality Soup.” Then, she leads readers into their own relationship with God and through His process of transformation so that Recovering Type A’s everywhere can experience new life.

If you are even slightly Type A or have a burning in your heart to begin living God’s purpose for your life, then Confessions of a Recovering Type A is a must read.


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Recovering Type A, Paperback


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