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Our Trainings

Be doers of the word and not hearers only.  - James 1:22

Our trainings are deeply rooted in the Word of God to equip you to know Jesus, walk with Him in the obedience of faith, and minister to others in His power and love. We believe in rightly handling the Scriptures and training in the whole counsel of God. And yet, intellectual knowledge of the Scriptures is not enough. Our trainings include practical application and activation by the Holy Spirit into life with God so that our own daily lives reflect the faith and miracles we read about in the Bible. 


Manifest Our King

The Manifest Our King Podcast consists of in-depth Bible study courses to help you live for Jesus.

Available through your preferred podcast provider.

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Search for Manifest Our King on your preferred Podcast provider and hit Subscribe or Follow.

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Core Curriculum:

Cornerstone Course

The Cornerstone Course is designed to establish or re-set your foundation in Christ and His pattern for life with God. Topics include the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, God's Design for Community, Living on Miracles, Suffering for Christ, and Pressing on to Maturity.  

Core Curriculum:

Perfection Course

The Perfection Course is designed to challenge believers at all stages of life with Christ to a greater level of devotion, fruitfulness, and service. Topics include: Life by the Holy Spirit, the Whole Counsel of God, Divine Nature, Established in Righteousness, Kingdom Gospel with Signs Following, Discernment of Good & Evil, and Ministry Service to the Bride.

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Core Curriculum:

Daily Prayer Focus

Scriptures for praying according to the will of God on matters important to His heart. Each day of the week has a particular focus topic. Using this book as a guide for your prayers will increase your revelation, knowledge, and understanding of God’s purposes.

Spiritual Training Exercises

These spiritual exercises were designed by God to help any believer at any stage of their spiritual walk engage with Jesus and advance to the next level in their life of faith.

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Get Honest with God Evaluations

These spiritual evaluations were designed by God as tools for engaging with the Lord to uncover areas in our spiritual lives that are in need of growth towards Christlikeness.

Biblical Calendar

Go deeper in your pursuit of God's Kingdom by staying in step with God's appointed times as we appreciate what Jesus did for us and look forward to His return.



Training & Resources

Learn how to pray apostolic prayers according to God's will and purposes. Align your prayers with what is important to God and see your petitions fulfilled.

To submit your prayer requests to us, click here.

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Bookstore & Resources

Our Bookstore includes our own publications and other resources we believe will foster right doctrine and practice in your life with God. 

Targeted Trainings

& Activation

Some of our outreach programs target the gospel message to specific groups of people to help them come to know Jesus, walk with Him, and live in His grace and power. 

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Mobilized: The Nations

God sends us all over the world to reach out to the lost, minister to His people, and equip His servants for the work of ministry. If you are called to the nations, we can equip you to go by faith to fulfill the Great Commission.

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