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Are your prayers focused on what God cares about?

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Daily Prayer Focus

Scriptures for praying according to the will of God on matters important to His heart. Each day of the week has a particular focus topic. Using this book as a guide for your prayers will increase your revelation, knowledge, and understanding of God’s purposes. Your prayers will become inspired and ignited by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, who delights to pray according to God’s will.

Seven Days, Targeted Prayer Focus Areas

This course is offered online free of charge. 

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How to Use Daily Prayer Focus
to Pray the Will of God

Introduction to the Course

Read the Course Introduction to gain an understanding of how to use the Scriptures supplied for each day. 

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Course Navigation

Day One:


Praise the Lord

Day Two:


in the Church

Day Three:


The Nations & The Day of the Lord

Day Four:


Wisdom from Above

Day Five:


The Persecuted, Poor & Oppressed

Day Six:


Family & Friends, Neighbors& Enemies

Day Seven:


Rest & Remember

Every day:

The Kingdom of God
Blessings of the Righteous
The Bride of Christ


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