So that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God...
-1 Timothy 3:15

Code of Conduct

Manifest International HUB is an equipping center for the Kingdom of God where people come to connect with Jesus and receive training for ministry service. Those not aligned with this purpose will be asked to leave.


This is NOT a homeless shelter, a rehabilitation center, a hotel, or a free place to live/stay.

We are entirely faith-based and trust God for everything we do at the HUB. By honoring God and keeping His Kingdom first, He takes care of all we need. We appreciate your consideration in helping us to be good stewards of what God has given us. 

This is what we expect of everyone at the HUB:

  • Genuine and earnest pursuit of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. 

  • Regular participation in HUB gatherings, services, and activities. 

  • Willing and joyful service to God and one another. 

  • Exemplary adherence to Dress Code and posted HUB Policies. 

  • Holy and honorable living, exemplary of the household of God.

  • Decent and appropriate language. 

  • Honor, deference, and service to others in preference of self.

  • Trusting God as your Provider without soliciting for funds from others.

  • ​Cleanliness in your room and personal hygiene. 

  • Financial Offerings as God guides you. 


Dress Code

We require modest dress at all times out of reverence for God and in order to prevent potential stumbling blocks for others. Our multi-cultural environment includes people from nations where various types of dress are considered ungodly or inappropriate. Please help us maintain the HUB as a holy and reverent place where God dwells among us. 

If you will be serving with our Service Crews, we recommend bringing grubby clothes to work in.

Note: For Sunday services, people from the nations wear their best. In their culture, it is considered disrespectful to wear grubby clothes to worship service. We encourage dressing for services in a manner worthy of a holy God. 

While you are at the HUB, please wear clothing that is:

  • Appropriate to your age and biological gender.

  • Not too tight, revealing, or provocative in presentation or in messaging.

  • Pants/Trousers: Men and women may wear pants, capri-length pants, and knee-length shorts.

  • Skirts/Dresses: Women may wear dresses and skirts that hang to the knee or below the knee.

  • Tops/Shirts: Men and women must wear tops that cover their shoulders and midriff. No tank tops or spaghetti straps.

  • Tights/Leggings: Must be covered with a tunic-length or other top reaching at least to the mid-thigh.

  • Fitness/Exercise Clothes: Must comply with the requirements above.

  • We reserve the right to ask for piercings to be removed or covered, except for ear piercings on women. 

  • If staying overnight with us, please bring sleepwear that is conservative and not overly revealing.


Not Permitted & May Lead to Expulsion

We seek to maintain the HUB in a way which fosters all of our spiritual growth by keeping things holy for God and safe for everyone.


Upon arrival at the HUB, please familiarize yourself with our posted policies. 

The following HUB policies are particularly important: 

  • No weapons or physical violence.

  • No fornication. No pornography.

  • No alcohol or smoking anywhere on the premises. ​

  • No illegal drugs or drug/alcohol abuse. 

  • No unsanctioned groups or gatherings without HUB leadership approval.

  • No soliciting of any kind for money or financial support.

  • Failure to disclose known health issues which may endanger the community or hinder your ability to serve.

  • No pets or animals inside the HUB buildings.


How to Have a great stay with us

We want you to have a wonderful time with God and with us while you are here. To help us make that happen, please come with the following mindset: 

  • Come with the purpose of seeking and hearing from God.

  • Be ready to attend as many of our services as possible and be willing to learn how God guides our sessions and Approach

  • Plan on being as self-sufficient as possible in your pursuit of God while you are here. 

  • Have a positive attitude towards our Crew members who serve the Lord diligently to make your stay special.

  • Familiarize yourself with the HUB Code of Conduct, Dress Code, and other posted policies and adhere to them.

  • Be willing to receive direction and follow instructions from our Crew, as needed.

  • Be flexible about your room assignment and seek to love your roommate(s).

  • Have a servant’s heart which shares in HUB life in spiritual and practical ways.

Note: While there is no charge for your stay, we encourage you to pray, ask the Lord what He would have you financially contribute, and do what He says. 


Ministry Disclosures

While we encourage our Guests & Visitors to participate in various forms of ministry while they are here, we cannot know the theologies, beliefs, denominations, or backgrounds of all of our Guests & Visitors. Therefore, please use wisdom and discernment as we all grow in God together.

Thank you for your grace as we all learn and grow in our gifts and calls. Please pray and seek the Lord about what you experience and receive here at this HUB and everywhere you go.

Here are some guidelines for participating in and receiving ministry: 

  • Discernment: Please be discerning and have grace for others who are growing in their gifts, calling, and ministry. Please test any prophetic words you receive before applying them to your life or making any major life decisions. (See 1Thessalonians 5:20-21)

  • Humility: ​Please be humble and ready to ask forgiveness if you are the one who ministers incorrectly to another person. Only Jesus is perfect. 

  • God's Power: ​Sometimes, people fall down under the weight of God’s glory. This said, our Crew Members have been trained not to push. We do not encourage inauthentic falling and do not provide catchers.

  • Decent & In Order: Please be submissive to the leaders appointed by Manifest International for each session who seek to maintain the flow of the Holy Spirit according to God’s order. (1 Corinthians 14:40) Please do not use teaching or prophetic words you receive while you are here to undermine the authority or order of your local pastor or church.

  • Wholesome: Please help us to maintain purity by reporting to Manifest International Leadership things which are problematic or indecent. We will do our best to address it swiftly, directly, and discreetly.