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Free Study Guide

This course will impart an in-context revelation of the Parables of Jesus, in order to know Him and understand His teachings so that you might apply them to your life and do them.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • The purpose and wisdom of parables

  • Jesus' parables about the Kingdom of Heaven

  • The foundational parables of Jesus' teachings

  • How parables reveal the mystery of an unexpected Savior

  • The cost of following Jesus and the worth of finding the lost

  • Parables Jesus used to rebuke erring religious leaders

  • Parbles Jesus used to send laborers out into God's harvest field

  • Warnings to stay alert in order to enter the Wedding Feast

  • How to be ready for the end-times and return of Messiah 

  • The endurance required for receiving rewards in the world to come

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