If God stirs your heart to contribute to the work we are doing, we welcome you to share in our service for God's Kingdom through your financial support of Manifest International, LLC. We know God will bless you abundantly for blessing us.

God loves a cheerful giver... 
-2 Corinthians 9:7

Our Approach to Finances

Our approach to finances is simple. If you have received services from us or believe in what we are doing and God moves in your heart to contribute towards the services we provide then, give as God guides you. We believe that voluntary freewill offerings according to God stirring people’s hearts is the New Testament and Biblical approach to building God’s house.(1) We make no appeals for money through any form of solicitations for support. Rather, we believe the words of Jesus to receive and give freely. We have no plan B. God is faithful.


Manifest International, LLC is not a non-profit and as such, your contributions are not tax deductible. We believe the Lord has led us this way in order to give us enhanced freedom to obey His guidance. This allows us to expand, shift, and grow while maintaining our freedom of speech and the rights of a private enterprise. This also gives us the right to apportion and steward our finances however He leads us. We gladly pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s and consider it a small expense for the privilege of staying faithful to God. Likewise, we are confident that God will bless you for blessing us far beyond the benefit of a charitable deduction. (2)

We live by faith and rely entirely upon God’s provision for everything we do. Our priority is God’s Kingdom and obedience to His voice. We invite you to partner with us as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build up the Church for the glory of God.


We live to manifest our King!

(1) see Acts 4:32; Exodus 35; 1Chronicles 29 (2) see Philippians 4:19; 3John 1:8

A Note about Contributing

We are so thankful for the generosity of so many people who want to contribute to what God is doing. We require that all contributions be given directly to Manifest International, LLC including contributions of supplies, to ensure that they are expended in keeping with our current priorities, needs, and the wisdom God is giving us in these times. If you desire to designate a contribution to a particular project, we will seek to honor your intention as much as possible.

Additional Giving Options

Venmo: @ManifestIntl

PayPal: PayPal.Me/ManifestIntl

Cash App: $ManifestIntl

Wire: Contact Us for Bank Details

Check: to Manifest International, LLC,

P.O. Box 11304, Charlotte, NC 28220


P.O. Box 11304

Charlotte, NC 28220

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